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Registering a Machine

A machine must be registered properly before it can establish a connection with the network. The following takes you through this process step-by-step.

To register a machine, click on [Register New Machine] on the Main page of the Network Registration System.

Step 1. Selecting the Location

The first page displayed when registering a machine asks you where this machine will be used. You can specify the location in one of three ways:

By IP Range
This is normally the option you should use. There is an IP range defined for each group in each building. If you are not sure which IP range you should be using, you may narrow down the list by selecting the building first. NetReg will then present you with a list of which IP ranges are defined for that building.

By Building
If you will be connecting your machine to a network drop in a campus building, select the building from the drop-down menu and click on the Continue button to the right of it. If only one subnet or IP range is available for the building you selected, the Machine Information page will be displayed. If more than one subnet or IP range is available, a page listing the subnets available in your building will be displayed.

By Subnet
If you know the name of the subnet to which you will be connecting the machine, select the subnet from the drop-down menu and click on the Continue button to the right of it. The Machine Information page will be displayed.


Step 2: Entering Machine Information

Once you have identified the subnet location for your machine, the Machine Information page is displayed. You need to enter the information on this page so that your computer can be registered and enabled on the network.

Complete the following fields on this page (click on a field name for a description):

Step 3: Setting Protections

If you maintain machine registrations for other users, a Protections section will be displayed on the Machine Information page. Your user ID will be listed with Read and Write access checked by default. Any groups of which you are a member will also be listed with no access rights checked by default.

If you are registering this machine for another user, you might want to uncheck the Read and Write rights for yourself and, instead, give Read and Write access to the group of which you are a member. That way, your User ID will not be associated directly with the machine.

If you are registering the machine for another user, you might also want to edit the machine after you've registered it and add the user who will be using the machine to the protections list. See Setting Protections for more information.

Step 4: Submit the Registration

When you have completed all fields on the Machine Information page, click on the Continue button to submit the registration request. If there are no problems with the values you entered, your registration request will be submitted and you should be able to access the network with the registered machine within two hours.

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