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Editing a Machine

There may be times when you want to change the attributes of a machine that is already registered. If you change the network adapter (ethernet card) for a machine, you need to update the hardware address so that the machine can be identified with the new card (note that if you send a laptop out for repair, it will very often come back with a new network card even if that was not what was broken). You need change the location if you move to a new office that is in a different building or even on a different subnet within the same building.

To edit information for a machine, click on the machine's hostname in the Registered Machines table on the Main page.

Editing Basic Information

On the Machine Information page, you can change the information that was supplied when the machine was registered. To edit the basic information for a machine:

  1. Type or select the new value in the field you want to change.

  2. Click on the Update button.

  3. The Machine Information page will be redisplayed with a confirmation that the machine has been updated.

You can edit the following fields on the Machine Information page:

Also, if you have selected "static" for your IP address mode, you will see the IP address assigned to your machine. You cannot edit the IP Address field.

Setting Protections

You can add or change the list of people who can view and edit your machine information and options. To view, edit or change the list of people with access to your information, click on the [View/Update Protections] link at the top of the Machine Information page and see the instructions in Setting Protections.

Deleting a Machine

It's a good idea to delete a machine when it has been disposed of or, for whatever reason, the entry is no longer valid. For example, if a new ethernet card was purchased for the machine and, for some reason, a new registration entry was added with a different hostname (instead of updating the original registration) you would want to delete the old machine registration.

WARNING! Deleting a machine does not simply remove it from your machine list, it removes registration for the machine completely. If you delete a machine and someone else is using that machine, they will not be able to access the network after you delete the entry.

To delete a machine...

  1. Click on the [Delete Machine] tab on the Machine Information page.

    A confirmation page will be displayed asking if you are sure you want to delete the machine.

  2. Click on "Yes, delete this machine" if you really want to delete the machine.

    The Main page will be displayed with a message indicating that the machine was deleted.

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